Maryland DUI Attorney: Is Publication of DUI Arrests Fair 

All around the country, private publications such as local news papers publish information regarding DUI arrests in the towns and counties they serve. An example would be Delmarva‘s site which publishes names of those arrested on suspicion of drunken driving in the Eastern Shore.

I am bothered by this information especially in a day and age where electronic privacy is increasingly an important issue. Simply being arrested for a DUI or other offense does not amount to a conviction. The publications are careful to point this out. But by disseminating this information to a wider audience it could unintentionally harm the image of those involved.

There are those who say that information is already public, but it is somewhat limited. For example, in Maryland you have to search for that person’s name in the judiciary website to find out if he or she has cases pending. Therefore, it is not a simple as browsing a paper or site and coming across your neighbor’s name.  This is where I think these publications cross a line. Is it against the law, probably not. But certainly it is an affront to the right of privacy. An arrest is vastly different from a conviction. Especially for those who obtain a favorable outcome such as a dismissal or a not guilty finding.