Maryland DUI Lawyer: Making your DUI Arrest Worse

1. If it is your first potential DUI/DWI offense it is advisable that you acquiesce to a Breathalyzer test. Why? Failure to do so has mandatory suspension periods or in the alternative one year of using an interlock. Either option has its hardships and could hit your wallet big time. If this is your second or third then you probably should not agree to take a breathalyzer test.

For repeat offenders penalties have stiffened over the years including six months of interlock if you are found guilty of the offense. This period would be in addition to anything the MVA may have already required you to complete.

2. Attempting to drive away from a DUI Checkpoint or from an officer who is attempting to stop you. First, you are just padding the charging sheet for the states’ attorneys office. It can add charges such as failure to obey lawful instructions from an officer, failure to stop a legal checkpoint. These make your case harder to negotiate to proper outcome and with the wrong judge could make things worse for you.

Secondly, if you are indeed intoxicated and attempt to flee you could cause an accident like the guy in this Baltimore Sun story. On St. Patrick’s day a driver attempted to flee a DUI checkpoint and crashed into other vehicles. Now, he faces not just a DUI, but one with enhanced penalties due to the accident and it could get worse if the passengers in the other vehicles claim injuries, which is almost certain. Better to stop and face the music than making a bad situation really, really bad.