Maryland Traffic Lawyer: Traffic Fatalities Fall

In a report from ABC News, the Maryland Department of Transportation reports that traffic fatalities in Maryland are at all time low. This is great news for those who use Maryland roads for as we know traffic congestion remains high. Life’s the demands whether it traveling to and from work or shuttling kids between after school activities keep in our cars and on the road.

Here is a quote from the secretary indicating that the fatalities have being cust in half over time. “Maryland has cut the number of fatalities in half on our roads thanks to 50 years of hard work on our highways, in our communities and in the legislature,” said Maryland Transportation Secretary Pete Rahn in a statement.  “This historically low number of traffic fatalities means we truly can make a difference when we work together to save lives.”

This is great news. Combined with aggressive policing to stop aggressive driving and drunken driving may be we will all get to where we are going safely. Be courteous to one another out there and as the weather warms up share the road with bikers and bicyclists alike.